We’re currently busy building our new website, so please check back later.

In the meantime, here’s a note from our new Board:

Hello to all our MidGlos friends,

What strange times we live in, so the first thing we want to say is that we hope you and your loved ones are all fit and healthy, staying Covid-19 free and keeping safe.

Whilst the current government restrictions are in force, we will obviously be following them. However, we are also following every route that is open to us to receive financial support where we can. In these weird times when income for us, like for many others, has dried up we will do whatever it takes to maximise the club’s ability to keep its head above water.

Whilst we cannot operate normally, as a Club, a Board or a Committee, we can assure you that things are still being worked on behind the scenes and from behind our front doors. In simple terms, we are planning in as many ways as we can think of, the necessary steps required to create a path back to normal operating ASAP after the restrictions lift. We all hope that day arrives very soon.

In the meantime we will use the web site to update you on what is happening and when. Please visit the web site regularly and encourage other members to whom you talk to do the same.

More to follow soon, so stay safe, keep well and we really are looking forward to seeing you all back at the club as soon as we can.