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Newsletter Issue 188

Hello everyone and I mean everyone. If you have now left to bowl outside during the season, we are still here at MidGlos and I will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on. We look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Before your summer season begins outside, we have the presentation evening this Friday at 7.00p.m. with a free buffet and the bar open. Please come along to support whether you are a winner or not. You’ve all taken part in our leagues and many of you have played in the club competitions.

The winners and runners up are as follows:

                                                       Winners Runners up

Monday morning triples                 Guardian Angels                         The Easers
Monday afternoon triples               Braves                                         The Day Trippers
Monday evening fours                   Toppers                                       The Bowling Stones
Tuesday morning triples                 In Laws                                       Woodcutters
Tuesday afternoon triples               Yobs                                           Good Intent
Tuesday evening fours                   Spartans                                      Sabrinas
Tuesday evening pairs                   The Late Late Show                    The Boys
Wednesday morning fours             Astras                                          Four Candles
Thursday morning triples                In Laws                                       The Bowling Stones
Thursday evening fours                  Wings                                          The Bowling Stones
Friday afternoon triples                   Bulldozers                                   White Hunters

Well done everybody.

One or two of the finals had to be played before the advertised dates due to the clash of the OSC finals in Nottingham on 7th April where Louie Hodges and Fin Williamson were playing supported by their families.
Unfortunately they weren’t successful this time. They’ve got many more chances to come in the future. Well done guys!

It’s a shame that some of the finals had to be played at odd times since their supporters were not always able to be there. However, on Saturday, there were quite a few supporters and I’m sure they weren’t disappointed. There were some cracking matches and all very close as finals should be.

The results are as follows:

U25 Singles – Fin Williamson
Men’s 4 Wood Singles – Fin Williamson
Australian Pairs – Dylan Williamson & Lee Williamson
Ladies’ 4 Wood Singles – Linda Watkin-Jones
Ladies’ Over 60s Pairs – Marion Chappell & Rona Partridge
Men’s Pairs – Louie Hodges & Fin Williamson
Sue Waterston Trophy – Ken Manns, Marlene Carter & Mary Cresswell
Pat Dunstan Trophy – Josh Hodges
Ladies’ 2 Wood Singles – Gill Fry
Men’s Over 60s Pairs – Colin Carter & Alan Myers
Ladies’ Triples – Hattie Burke, Erin Burke & Emily Burke
Men’s Triples – Ben Sheldon, Tom Evans & Fin Williamson
Mixed Pairs – Hattie Burke & Louie Hodges
Ladies’ Pairs – Elly Underhill & Liz Giles
Men’s Over 60s Singles – Mike Prosser
Mixed Triples – Emily Burke, Adam Smith & Jack Williams
Champion of Champions – Fin Williamson

Thank you to Roger and Gill Fry for organising the competitions and for marking, scoring and attending the finals. And thank you to all who entered and supported.

Also on Saturday, Cath and John Black, Ken Manns and Scottie Preece took part in a charity bowls match at Cotswold Bowling Club. They won their first match 8-6, drew their second 4-4, won their third 12-1 and lost their fourth 5-6. Overall, they came third. The day raised £1,050.00 for a really good cause. Well done to all the participants. Ken Spencer went along to support for a few hours.

Don’t forget that the AGM is at 7.00p.m. on Wednesday 17th April when there will be a question and answer slot at the end. The task of the members of the Board is to maintain the financial stability of the club and that is what we strive to do as well as being full time members of the club. Please support us.

As always, take care,


Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing).