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Newsletter Issue 187

Hello everyone,

Happy Easter everyone. Hope your clocks sprang forward last night and that you’re not an hour behind!

Roger Fry has asked me to post the finals information.
He and Gill have worked hard on this but he is aware that there may still be some changes to be made. It’s not easy – each time one thing is altered, it throws something else out. 

I’ll post it as is but the ladies’ singles will be played at 1.30p.m. on Wednesday, 3rd April and the ladies’ trips is now at 10.00a.m. on Saturday, 6th April.

Finals Day Programme


* Ladies 4 Wood Singles10.00 am Linda Watkin-Jones  v
Hattie Burke
Roger Fry
* Men’s 4 Wood Singles10.00 am Fin Williamson   v  Josh HodgesGill Fry
Ladies Over 60’s Pairs1.30 pm Marion Chappell & Rona Partridge  v
Linda Clarke & Joyce Caldwell
  Ladies Triples
1.30 pm Linda Watkin-Jones, Carol Prouse, Margaret Cadle  v
Hattie Burke, Erin Burke & Emily Burke
  Australian Pairs1.30 pm Dillon Williamson & Lee Williamson  v
Louie Hodges & Fin Williamson OR
Jack Speller & James Speller
  Men’s Pairs6.00 pm Louie Hodges & Fin Williamson  v
Dillon Williamson & Lee Williamson
  Sue Waterston Trophy6.00 pm Simon Burke, Dan Prosser & Emily Burke  v
Ken Manns, Marlene Carter & Mary Cresswell


Pat Dunstan Trophy10.00 am John Cox  v  Josh Hodges
Ladies 2 Wood Singles10.00 am Layla Averon  v  Gill Fry
Men’s Over 60’s Pairs10.00 am Colin Carter & Alan Myers  v
John Philbrick & Steve Bluck
Men’s Triples10.00 am Ben Sheldon, Fin Williamson & Tom Evans  v
Simon Burke, Ross Guy & Daniel Prosser
Mixed Pairs2.00 pm Jackie Phelpstead & Paul Phelpstead OR Bev Forshaw & Tom Evans  v
Hattie Burke & Louie Hodges
Ladies Pairs2.00 pm Elly Underhill & Liz Giles  v
Marion Chappell & Rona Partridge
Over 60’s Singles2.00 pm Ron Wilks  v  Mike Prosser 
Mixed Triples2.00 pm Chris Prosser, Richard Shergold & Fin Williamson  v
Emily Burke, Jack Williams & Adam Smith

Bar will be manned for both days.  
Please bring your own food.

        *Winners to play Champion of Champions on Saturday, 6th April at 5.00 pm if possible

As it says, please come along to support. Bring your own food but the bar will be manned on both days. There should be some really good matches.

The presentation evening is on the following Friday evening at 7.00p.m. with a free buffet and the bar open.

The AGM is the following week on Wednesday, 17th April. Again, please come along but, if you can’t make it, fill in and return the proxy form in your AGM pack. There are two pages missing which are included here.

I have mentioned before that I am a member of “i-sing choirs”. I attend the Cirencester branch and sometimes the Cheltenham branch of which Fred Croxton is a member. It’s great fun and really uplifting. This year we are supporting the charity, “Mind”. Mental health affects so many of us and the lockdowns exacerbated it.

Last Monday evening, over 400 of us came together to sing and be professionally videoed at Malvern Theatre. We have branches in Worcestershire and our two in Gloucestershire. 

The theatre manager was so impressed with us and the worthy cause that they let us use their auditorium for free (it would normally cost £2k+). We’re told that it sounded awesome. The video will be released on 13th May to coincide with the start of “Mental Health Awareness Week”. There will be a “Just Giving” page should you feel touched by the cause.

This is the last newsletter before we have to say goodbye to those of you who leave to go outdoor. It’s always a very sad time for the rest of us. I hope you enjoy your season and that the weather is kind to you. I loved crown green bowling when we lived in Staffordshire but I don’t miss playing in the rain and cold. We look forward to seeing you back in September.

Take care.


Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing).