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Newsletter Issue 195

Hello again,

Hope you’ve enjoyed the bank holiday. Other than bowling at the club this morning, we do our best to stay off the roads on bank holidays. I do hope none of you was foolish enough to enter the cheese-rolling events this morning! Cars were abandoned everywhere. We toyed with the idea of opening our overspill car park for the morning but, why would people pay when they can abandon their cars in the most unlikely places for free?!

For me, summer has arrived – The swifts are buzzing around our cottage. I know it’s quite a screech that they make but our elder daughter lived in Montpellier (France) for a number of years and the swifts used to fly around her apartment. It just takes me back and, if I close my eyes, I’m back in the south of France – bliss!

PS not a photograph … an image from your chairman’s book … but they are swifts!

I thought the work on the roof had finished but, when I was playing last week, either the work was still ongoing or we have a problem with mice in hobnail boots!

We do have fifteen names for the indoor/outdoor game against Cheltenham BC on 12th August at 2.00p.m. but we could do with more names as reserves please as it’s quite a while until then and anything could happen. Please sign up (on the board where the friendly matches are posted).

Teams for the next quiz on 15th June are somewhat thin on the ground. Several people are away on holiday. Steve Bluck is hosting this one and he’s getting a little paranoid that folks haven’t committed since he’s the quizmaster. Why not give it a try? You don’t have to be a whizz at quizzes. It’s always a good social occasion with food (and the bar’s open)!

Don’t forget the push for new members! If you have friends (I’m sure you have) and neighbours (again, I’m sure you have), bring them along and let them have a go. Let reception know and we’ll make sure that there’s a coach available to make it a pleasurable experience. I went along to our local crown green bowling club in Staffordshire for a laugh – the rest is history – I was hooked just as I am to indoor bowling now. Who knows, I may even enjoy outdoor after 12th August?!

There are still forms at reception for “The Future of the Club”. This is an ongoing project. If you have any ideas, put them down. They will be considered. Obviously, we have to weigh any ideas up against the financial implications but you may have ideas which may just work. Increasing membership is our main aim. With more members, everything becomes easier. Last year’s influx are very keen and it’s great to see them improving and interacting in the club both in the leagues and socially. Thank you.

That’s it folks for another week.

Take care,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).

One reply on “Newsletter Issue 195”

Hi Linda
The quiz is a great night out, the problem last quiz night was that the sheet to book a table was not on display for the quiz in June so the teams who maybe in the summer only come to MidGlos on quiz nights usually book a table as they are leaving at the end of the quiz.
Steve is a great quiz master and I am sorry that my team is unable to attend as we have people on holiday as you said it is the time of year.

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