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Newsletter Issue 37

Having said in my last newsletter that gardening was out of the question, I have actually done some this afternoon and feel better for it. Should the mild weather continue (I’m not expecting it to) I’ll get on with some more tidying tomorrow.

The longer this lockdown continues, the harder I find it to motivate myself to do things. However, the news is starting to be a little more positive and Howard and I are having our first vaccination on Sunday (there must be some mistake, I think – we’re still mere striplings!).


I mentioned in the last newsletter that the coming AGM would be very different from usual – not our decision, I hasten to add – it’s Covid again!

In recognition of that fact, the Board is going to be as open as possible in setting out the process which needs to be followed and the crucial timings which have to be respected.

If we share this data now, all members will become familiar with what is being asked of you so that we can fulfil the legal requirements of the AGM voting process.

Instead of seeing the notices on the big boards displayed on the easel near reception, this all has to be done online.

The key milestone dates are:

  1. 21st February. Nomination notices published for all vacant positions.
  2. 11th March. GMC meeting
  3. 16th March. Nominations close for Directors and Club Officers
  4. 24th March. AGM papers published (on website or by post)
  5. 14th April. AGM virtual meeting
    Nomination notices will be accompanied by specific instructions e.g. if you are going to put your name forward for any position, you first need to secure a proposer and seconder (both must be full members of the club), in order for you to add those names to your return.

    Please note; incomplete returns will be discarded. If you don’t have internet, the relevant papers will be posted.

    All of the AGM notices and papers will be published in the “members only” area on the website. Kath will be sending out a reminder of the password for all those of you who’ve put it in “a safe place”.

Please remember that MidGlos can only succeed if it is well supported by you, our members. Have a think about the vacant positions and whether you could put your name forward to fill one.

The next thing to do is to secure a proposer and a seconder, get the nomination forms filled in and return them before the deadline.

When it comes to ratifying a vote on the nominated positions for the AGM, we need a minimum of thirty-five (35) votes. Please plan to review the nomination papers when they are first published and, remember, you can vote as soon as you have made a decision.

You do not have to wait until 14th April.

Please keep an eye open for any further AGM news.

200 Club

The January 200 Club draw was made after the last newsletter had been written so apologies for the belated posting.

1st prize of £50.00. Fred Croxton
2nd prize of £20.00. Monica White
3rd prize of £10.00. Simon Burke
Snowball £50.00. Jean Baines

Congratulations everyone. Enjoy your prize.

Stay safe,
Take care everyone,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

4 replies on “Newsletter Issue 37”

It is good to be kept informed and in contact and I heartily thank you.
Most people will feel the same even if they don`t let you know.
Keep up the good work and stay safe,

Many thanks Linda and Howard for keeping us all updated! We will survive of that I am sure, stay safe and thank you.
Martyn and Bar maid, Wilma.

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