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Newsletter Issue 38

It’s getting harder and harder to find news since we’re not seeing anyone, doing anything or going anywhere!

The gardening is on hold again. I do quite enjoy it when I’m out there but not in subzero temperatures! It’s freeeeezing out there. Even our dog was keen to get home and snuggle up to the Aga yesterday!

In terms of the club, we are closer to being able to put the initial AGM papers on the website well in time for the first deadline date of 21st February. As I have already said, it will all be explained in as clear a way as possible so that there is no confusion as to what you should do or where you should click. It is very different but we’re trying hard to make it as straightforward as possible.

It would appear that Gloucestershire is well ahead in the vaccination process so I hope that many of you will have one or maybe two jabs by now. Howard and I had our first jabs on Sunday at the North Cotswold Hospital. It was all very efficient but we did feel sorry for the poor folks on car park duty. They looked and were absolutely freezing. It was blowing a gale with flurries of snow.

We were given the Astra Zeneca vaccine and told that we may experience side effects for up to seventy-two hours. I didn’t think that it would apply to me since I never react to these things. In the evening, we both started to feel achy and it did last for seventy-two hours. However, paracetamol (which I hardly ever take) masked the symptoms and we’re fine now.

I felt that this little cartoon is particularly appropriate at the moment. It’s just how I feel!

Macintosh HD:Users:Howard:Desktop:4b63a9a1-cdba-42e2-8601-09a4d49f3cde.JPG

Looking forward to the time when we can resume our normal lives. 

Stay safe. Keep warm.


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

6 replies on “Newsletter Issue 38”

Ray and I also both had the Astra Veneca, he several weeks ago, me on
Thursday, with no ill effects. Perhaps because we are both thick skinned! Got cold ears on the walk home though.
P & R

Hi Linda

If you intend to hold the AGM via Zoom, I have a paid subscription and I’m happy to host the meeting for you

As for the vaccine, a friend of mine is a retired doctor and he said that having a short term reaction to the jab is good because it proves that the vaccine is active


Thank you for the offer, Paul but we don’t intend to do it via “Zoom”.
All will be revealed soon but many thanks again.

Linda, it’s good to know that we can count on you to keep us informed of the latest Club news. We too have had our 1st jabs which went without a hitch, and made us feel more secure about the future. Looking forwards to seeing everyone, soon we hope!

Thank you so much for keeping me informed over the past year. You’ve been working very hard and it is greatly appreciated

Hi Linda and Howard,
If the injection is working then 72 hours is nothing in the long run ! I’ve had my 1st and Wilma is to have her 1st on Thursday.
I liked your cartoon, how very appropriate.
Keep well and thanks,
Martyn and Wilma.

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