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Newsletter Issue 36

Now that the World Bowls has finished, I guess it’s back to the jigsaw!

I really enjoyed the bowling (the downside is that it underlines just what we’re missing). There were some excellent matches and, as for Mark Dawes, he couldn’t do a thing wrong in the final. Unfortunately, his local club has now closed. An opportunity for us?!! If he were truly committed to the sport he’d be prepared to travel the hundreds of miles!!

Sad news for the members of Churchdown Bowling Club. The club has now closed. We do have some members of Midglos who are also outdoor bowlers at Churchdown. If anyone else is looking for a home, we’d be happy to welcome you. In normal times, we are open all year round and you will no longer have a need for all those layers and waterproofs! I used to be a crown greener so I do appreciate the benefit of indoors.

Despite the difficulties of being closed and not being able to meet, preparation is going ahead for some sort of AGM in April. Looking at the way things are going, I think it’s unrealistic to believe that we will be open before then. I would ask you to keep a lookout for the newsletters and keep an eye on the website for any further updates. Things will have to be done remotely and virtually this year so please bear with us. We will do the best we can for the preparation and AGM to go ahead albeit in a very different way from usual.

I hope you enjoyed the confectionary quiz. Here are the answers:

Cryptic Confectionary:

1)     Quality Street

2)     Mint Imperials

3)      Black Magic

4)      Mars Bar

5)      Smarties

6)      Polo

7)      Topic

8)      Dolly Mixtures

9)      Milk Tray

10)   Matchmakers

11)   Chocolate Buttons

12)   Whisper

13)   Twirl / Wagon Wheel

14)   Turkish Delight

15)   Lion bar

16)   Picnic

17)   Bounty

18)   Wine Gums

19)   Candy Floss

       20)   Kit Kat

If anyone has any news or funnies you’d like to contribute, I’d be happy to consider them for inclusion. I won’t include the video of my granddaughter sledging yesterday to spare her embarrassment. She came haring down a very long slope increasing speed with every bump along the way. At the end of this long run was a stream!!! She plopped in at some force to peels of laughter from her very caring mother!

Take care everyone,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)

One reply on “Newsletter Issue 36”

Hi Linda and Howard,

Thank you for the latest news letter and for all the board are doing during this difficult time. Sheila and I had our first jabs on Monday this week so hopefully this is the start to our freedom again. With best wishes to you both. Keep Safe. Norman and Sheila.

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