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Newsletter Issue 35

Hello everyone,

Not a lot to report since we’re following government guidance and staying at home.

However, the leaks in the gents’ loos are now fixed. Dave Carter came last Friday but, after he’d finished, there was still an issue which he was able to identify but needed another part. He returned on Monday after work and now all is dry. Many thanks to Dave, again.

I do hope you’ve all been watching the bowls. I don’t know why I didn’t get an invitation since I haven’t missed a shot yet. Seriously, there have been some excellent matches and, one good thing about Covid, is that several of the less well-known names have benefited from some well-deserved exposure. Maybe we’ll see more of them in the future. They have certainly held their own against the big names.

If you’re not able to access the bowls yet until it is broadcast on BBC on 18th or, if you’d like a break from the bowling, here is a quiz to test you and keep you occupied:

Cryptic Confectionary:

1. High class thoroughfare 

2. Money making royalty 

3. Dark occult 

4. Mum’s local 

5. Clever people 

6. Sport of princes 

7. Subject matter 

8. Assorted girls 

9. Dairy holder 

10. Arrangers of marriage partners 

11. Edible fasteners 

12. Talk quietly 

13. Spin around 

14. Istanbul harem 

15. Big cat’s pub 

16. Outside meal

 17. Reward 

18. Toothless drink 

19. Sweet tooth cleaner 

20. Feline equipment

The answers will be supplied next week.

Another way to pass the hours away is by completing the survey issued by Bowls Development Alliance on behalf of all bowling codes. The survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete and BDA thank you in advance for your valuable contribution to ensure that they can help to get us back bowling ASAP.

Deadline for completed surveys is Sunday 28th February.

Click here to complete the survey –

Meanwhile, stay safe and stay home.


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

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