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Newsletter Issue 183

Hello everyone,

We’re all back safely from potters after a lovely few days, despite various illnesses.

As a group, we did really well. There were four MidGlos teams and three of us qualified for the last sixteen of eighty-eight teams in all. Our team got knocked out in the last sixteen, Mike Prosser’s team was knocked out in the quarters and Steve Hancock’s team fell in the semis. We certainly didn’t let the club down.

We usually make the trip to Horsey to see the seals but I wasn’t well enough this year. However, one of the pups made the journey over to Potters at Hopton-on-Sea instead.

He spent a couple of days there until one of the guests informed reception. We were worried that he may be attacked by a dog since it is a path used regularly by dog-walkers. One of the staff at Potters is a volunteer in the group which looks out for the seals and was going to arrange for it to be picked up and moved somewhere safer.

What goes on at Potters stays at Potters. However, here’s a selection of team shots.

Whilst still on the subject of Potters, unfortunately the shop will not be coming to us in March. The person who used to run it has left and his replacement will not be trained in time to visit us before the start of the summer season. Instead, we have booked a visit on Thursday, 26th September- just in time for the beginning of the winter season. Posters will go up nearer the time and a reminder will go in the newsletter.

The Shirley Cromie Under 18s Competition took place all day on Sunday. The event was very well-organised by Simon Burke with several of our members helping on the green, in the kitchen and behind the bar. There was some excellent bowling from the youngsters with support from parents and grandparents. Although Howard and I saw much of it, we were unable to stay until the end but I will announce the results next week.

Next Sunday the play off between MidGlos A and West Berkshire A in the Wessex will take place at home and away at 10.00. Good luck guys.

In the afternoon there is a friendly between MidGlos and GVPBA.

My apologies to the men for Saturday, 16th March. Their finals are being played in the afternoon at 13.30 in club shirts and whites. The ladies are on at 10.00. And the monthly quiz is that evening too.

Steve Bluck has set a deadline of next Friday 8th March for the entry of teams for the summer with a view to issuing the league schedules the week after. Since there is an even number of teams on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the extra teams needed are for Triples on Mondays and Australian Pairs on Wednesdays.

The finals of the club competitions are on 6th and 7th April with the presentation evening on Friday, 12th April followed by the AGM on Wednesday, 17th April. There are still vacancies. Please give it some thought.

Take care, 


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).

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My mistake again. Sorry for the confusion. The friendly against GVPBC is on Saturday afternoon not Sunday. I think I’m losing it – I blame my cough!

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