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Newsletter Issue 165

Hello again,

Lots to say this week – just hope I remember everything!

First of all, I’d just like to say how pleased we are with the take-up of the club shirts. They seem to be coming in thick and fast. If you’ve ordered one, check the table between reception and the coffee machines for yours.

While on the subject of checking, don’t forget to check all the notice boards. New things are appearing all the time. The noticeboard almost opposite to the ladies’ loos is where notice of the friendlies is posted. There are a couple up there now. There are quite a few spaces. Please sign up if you’d like to play.

Our first friendly of the season was played on Saturday against Dowty when I believe we won but it was touch and go – obviously a good match. It was Ken Spencer’s first match as Club Captain. I hope it went smoothly. Thank you to all who helped out in various roles to make it a success.

On the cub competition noticeboards on the right as you enter the rinks down the stairs or the ramp, there is a notice for the Tony Allcock ladies v men match. At the moment, it’s looking like it will not be going ahead due to lack of support. This can be remedied by simply signing up. The title is currently held by the ladies. There’s the challenge, guys!

On those same boards, there is an envelope of club competition entry forms. These competitions are open to all playing members. Even if you’re a new member or have never won a competition at our club, there is one for you – the Pat Dunstan Trophy. You can, of course, enter any of the competitions as well. The closing date by which to return the forms is 29th October. Don’t miss the date.

This next item was mentioned several weeks ago. There are spare rinks on a Tuesday evening. We would like to fill these with a Pairs league. A few of us who are willing to run a team have already signed up. If you would like to enter a team (you need a minimum of three, ideally four), please sign up – again on the same competition noticeboards.

On Saturday morning there was the first round of an under 30s competition (I just missed the cut-off point to be included!) against Carterton – one rink at home and one rink away. Carterton conceded after just thirteen ends.

At home, Adam Smith’s team won 20/10 while away, Jack Williams’s team won 22/11. Well done guys, some of whom were well under 30. Solihull next on 5th November.

Next week-end is another busy one. It’s the Yetton for the ladies and the Denny for the men. The Yetton is against Oxford City and County Bowls Club while the Denny is against Carterton. Fingers crossed for two wins.🤞

On Sunday, the second round of Top Club is being played away at and against Malvern Hills. That will be a tough one but we’ll do our best as always.🤞

Stan Sulyma’s team on a Monday evening folded so he is looking for any team on any afteroon except Friday or any evening. He’s not been able to find any vacancies despite trying. This is his last hope. Sheila Kingswell is happy to have him join her team, “New Woodlanders” on a Monday afternoon. If anyone else can accommodate him, please get in touch with him via reception.

A reminder that Potter’s Shop is at the club from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00p.m. this Thursday.

And on Friday, it is “Wear it Pink” day. All the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. Several of our ladies have been affected by this in one form or another and it can affect men too. We’ll be selling a slice of cake to eat with your coffee/tea but , to do that, we we need offers of homemade cakes, please. One or two of us have already committed to baking cakes but we need more, please?

The next quiz is this Saturday, hosted by Sheila Kingswell.

In order for you to plan your social calendar for 2024, Norman Hancock has supplied the following information:

January 20th -Sheila

February 10th – Steve

March 16th – Norman

April 20th – Sheila

May 18th – Steve

June 15th – Norman

July 20th – Sheila

August 17th – Steve

September 21st – Norman

October 19th – Sheila

November 16th – Norman

December 14th – Steve

Incidentally, in case you’re not sure, the last two this year are:

November 18th – Steve and

December 16th – Norman and Sheila’s Christmas Quiz.

Think that’s it!

Take care, as usual,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).

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