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Newsletter Issue 166

Hi folks,
I did miss something last week – it was the first of this year’s Interclub on Wednesday, 18th and this coming week will be the second round with MidGlos playing their first game.

On Thursday, Paul who runs the mobile Potter’s Shop visited the club and had a very successful day. I wasn’t able to visit until packing up time but he very kindly opened up one of his many packed boxes to search for the item I’d requested.

Hey presto! Not only did he have the make I wanted but in the right size too. If you missed him, I believe he’s back in January. I’ll keep you posted.

On Friday it was “Wear it Pink” day. Thank you to all who donated cakes and to everyone who entered into the spirit and wore pink and indulged in cake- eating (not really a hardship). When I know what we raised, I’ll publish it.

It’s been another busy week-end. Both the Yetton and the Denny were due to be played on Saturday morning with a friendly away against Bristol in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, we had to give the Yetton game away since, due to illness, we couldn’t raise a team.

The men were playing Carterton, two rinks at home and two away. The home rinks results were:

Steve Knight – 31/12 and
Lee Williamson – 28/19
The away team’s results were:
Mike Prosser – 15/19
Jack Williams – 26/15

Great results guys. Well done! I think they play Oxford next.

It was another win for MidGlos at Bristol. Well done, guys! The next one is this Wednesday afternoon against GIBA. The last time I looked, we were struggling for players. Please support the friendlies if you can. It’s all good practice and usually fun.

On Sunday, Top Club was being played away at Malvern at 6.00p.m. due to a clash earlier in the day. As I’d predicted, it was a tough one. Malvern came out on top. However, I really enjoyed the game but not the journey back! It took me an hour and a half due to several diversions down very narrow lanes because of flooded roads. I was so glad to turn into our drive!

There are one or two people who need to use a box to get onto and off the rink. This is not a problem because it helps those who have mobility issues to be able to still play bowls.

However, we have sought clarification from EIBA about its use during play. It must be removed from the head end during play.

Left in place, it is an obstruction and a safety hazard. Should anyone have an issue with removing it, there will always be someone more able-bodied willing to assist.

A final reminder of the closing date for your competition entry forms – Monday 29th October.

Take care, as usual,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing).

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