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Newsletter Issue 164

Hi everyone,

We’re back from a great few days at Potters. Great bowling and lovely company! There were just three teams of us from MidGlos but we join Nottingham which boosts our numbers. Sadly three of our members couldn’t make it due to illness. Fortunately, since they had doctor’s notes, they will get their money back. Two of our teams reached the last sixteen and one team got knocked out in the quarters. We certainly didn’t disgrace our club.

Steve Bluck informs me that when Inlaws were playing against Okays on Thursday morning, the former team managed a hot shot. Dave Williams, who is 91 and has been playing for many years, was delighted to win one for the first time. Well done!

It’s been a busy week-end for MidGlos – not only was it busy but successful too.

The men were playing in the Denny on Saturday and, on Sunday there were mixed teams in Top Club.

The men beat Cotswold 80/69 to take them through to competing for the cup as opposed to the plate.

The rink scores were:

Lee Williamson 27 – 13 Keith Hinder

Steve Knight 20 – 18 James Garner

Jack Williams 12 – 22 Dave Howes

Mike Prosser 20 – 14 Neil Chandler

They go on to play Carterton IBC on Saturday 21st October.

In Top Club, we beat Cotswold 10/06 according to Facebook but I thought it was 6/4. It’s immaterial really. Suffice to say, we won.

The results were:

Ladies 2W Singles – G. Fry 20/21 S. Wells

Mens 2W Singles – S.Knight 21/08 P.Nicholls

Pairs – M. Prosser 24/10 B. Trott

Triples – L. Williamson 17/09 K.Hinder

Fours – J. Williams 12/17 T.Ogden

We now play Malvern Hills away in the next round.

The next two friendlies are up on the board. Sign up if you’d like to play.

The next quiz is on Saturday, 21st when Sheila Kingswell is your quizmaster.

One of the changes/surprises will be in the club soon. Keep your eyes open!

Take care everyone,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).