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Newsletter Issue 163

Hello everyone,

First of all, if you have picked up one of the yellow MidGlos league handbooks, you may have noticed that there are several printing errors within.

As a result, a new set will be produced soon.

Top Club begins this coming Sunday, 8th October at home against Cotswold but the next dates, although down as Tuesdays will in fact be Sundays (the actual dates are correct).

The Bristol friendly away has been changed to 21st October and the Tony Alcock Ladies v Gents is now on 29th October. Keep checking the noticeboards for the lists to sign. And please pick up a new booklet when they are available.

The other change in the handbook is that three rinks only are booked for the Friday evening umbrella. Therefore four rinks are available to be booked for roll ups/rearranged matches/competition matches.

I need to issue an apology to our members who bowl outdoors in the summer. Apparently our request for you not to wear your outdoor club shirts when playing at MidGlos unless you are representing your outdoor club in the interclub matches, was not received well by some members. We would not expect a MidGlos shirt to be accepted while playing at your outdoor club. 

We hope that you understand where we’re coming from and that you feel proud to wear a MidGlos shirt to represent our club just as you are proud to represent your outdoor club. It is not compulsory for you to wear a MidGlos shirt while rolling up or playing in league matches. Any other sort of bowls shirt is acceptable unless you are representing MidGlos in a competition.

As a result of a meeting held on Saturday morning, we will be trialling a few changes in the near future. Watch this space and keep your eyes open for anything different within the club. Everything is with a view to future proofing our club, to enhance the environment and to attract more new members.

Our numbers have grown since last year but we’re trying to grow the club even more.

This is where you come in. If each of us were to invite just one person to come along to see what we offer, we could double our membership. Just think what that would do for us!! We may even get more volunteers?!

A reminder that Paul from Potters is coming to the club on Thursday, 19th October and the Potters shop will be open from 11.00a.m. to 3.00p.m. As I said before, an ideal time to buy your Christmas presents. The shop is open to anyone – you don’t have to be members of the club. If you have any friends from your outdoor clubs who could be interested, please invite them along.

On 20th October, we are supporting “Wear it Pink” when we are encouraging everyone to wear pink (it can be anything from just wearing a pink ribbon in your hair to going the whole hog and dressing from head to toe in pink or anything in between). Homemade cakes will be on sale. Offers of cakes will be gratefully received.

A couple of newsletters ago, I talked about the possible demise of the 200 Club. Fortunately, it will continue but as indicated previously. There will be no snowball but the prizes will be increased. Check back in previous newsletters for the figures (they are all available on the website in the open section. – you do not need a code to get in). The draw will take place as it did during Covid – using our electronic random selection device in the office. You no longer have to be present to receive any of the prizes.

I hope I’ve covered everything and that everyone is now happy. Look out for any changes in the coming weeks. It’s quite exciting!

Off to Potters now for a well-earned change but we’ll still be bowling. See you in a week.

Take care, 

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing).