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Newsletter Issue 45

Hello again,

I bet you were laughing on Monday if you got up to the same sight as we did – a few centimetres of snow covering everywhere and still falling! You can imagine how all the pub and restaurant owners must have felt!

However, as soon as the sun appeared, it started melting quite steadily and, by the time we were due to leave the house, the snow had disappeared.

Our table was in the sunshine and, apart from a few moments when a cloud shrouded the sun, it was pleasantly warm and so lovely to be out in the company of other humans (and some dogs) enjoying themselves.

Onwards and upwards from now on, I hope. Hairdressers next and then back to bowling. Yay!

Now for a very important update from our Company Secretary Kath.

Minutes of the Virtual AGM held on 14 th April 2021.


Congratulations MidGlos, you have successfully completed our first ever virtual AGM, and in doing so enabled us to comply with all our legal requirements.

A huge thank you to all members who did register their votes and a special thank you to our webmaster, Steve Knight, for making the process possible and so easy to navigate.

In summary we had 98 number of votes cast, far in excess of the minimum legal requirement of 35.

Therefore, all the topics put to the club for consideration are now accepted as passed by a legal majority of members.

Specifics of the voting:
a) Minutes of the 2020 AGM are approved.
b) The Directors’ Report and Accounts are approved.
c) The retention of Auditors (Crowe Clarke Whitehill) is approved.
d) The proposal to appoint Paul Havard as a Life Member is approved.
e) The election of Angela Holbrook as a Director is approved.
f) The election of Graham Whiting as a Director is approved.
g) The election of all nominated Club Officers is approved.

The Board would like to thank all members who put their name forward, for the various positions, and to congratulate them on their successful election to serve the Club.

Most of the official positions are held by the previous incumbent but we do have three new names of members stepping forward to serve the club.

We now have Ken Manns as President, Graham Whiting becomes a Director and for the first time in a long time we have a Social Secretary, Lin Brighty.

Our thanks and congratulations to all three and our best wishes to them for success in the future.

That completes the AGM business.

Kath Hofmann
Company Secretary
14 April 2021

Bowling is, of course, what our club is all about, not to mention the wonderful social interaction. Kath has brought you up to date with the results of the AGM.

I have some more really good news.

At our Financial Director’s instigation, the Board have agreed that your support during the difficult times of the pandemic should be recognised and rewarded.

From Monday 19th April, the club will be open to members for roll-ups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings free of charge until the 17th May when normal service (the rule of six) will resume.

This has to be restricted to single people rolling up and family groups/bubbles (EIBA stipulation). Your rink has to be booked in advance (you can’t just turn up – again EIBA rules).

Reception will be manned each morning, apart from Wednesday, from this
Friday, 16th April to take your calls. Whether you’re planning on bowling outside or inside this season, provided you are a full member, you may take advantage of this offer.

We recognise that we haven’t had our full value from our subscription during the pandemic but it has been out of our hands. This is our initial discretionary offer.

After September, when we will have the figures for the 2021/2022 membership, we may well be in a position to offer more compensation but, for the moment, we are taking a leaf out of Boris’s book and erring on the side of caution.

I do hope that you understand and enjoy the chance to get some very necessary practice in. Which side is the bias on?!

At last, things are beginning to feel a little more normal.

Take care.

Hope to see you all very soon,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

5 replies on “Newsletter Issue 45”

I am pleased everything went well with the virtual AGM.

Could someone please tell me is the summer league programme going to be published on this site.

Many thanks to Linda for keeping us all up-to-date with club news and the AGM details and her meal out, I hope you enjoyed it !
Congratulations to the new board members and Ken Mann and to Lin Brighty, you’ve all got my support and thanks.

That is all great news, so glad the club is still going in the right direction after such a difficult year for everyone, plus of coarse your excellent emails which keep us all updated with how the club is doing. Well done to you all,

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