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Newsletter Issue 41


Hello everyone,

Today the Accounts have been signed off and the Directors’ and Chairman’s reports approved. These were the final pieces of the jigsaw to be completed before the issuing of the AGM pack. As you are aware, this will be posted in the Members’ Area of the website or mailed out to those who do not have Internet access. This will happen next week so meeting our deadline requirement of 24th March!

PLEASE go to the website, visit the Members’ Area using the password which Kath will provide again (just in case you’ve put it in a safe place) and submit your vote. This is easier to do than having to leave your nice cosy sitting room and face the elements to attend the meeting as would normally happen. We really do NEED YOUR VOTE in order to fulfil the legal requirements of an AGM. This is YOUR club!

Please help us to keep it going.

There is a lot to read before going to the voting bit. Please read through and then cast your vote where required. The very last thin which you must do is to give your name and then press the SUBMIT button. This is on the very last page. Don’t miss it. Your vote will not be counted without these final stages. If you are voting via the paper system then please post your completed form back to the Club in good time for it to arrive before 14th April and certainly not after 14th April because then it will not be counted.

As stated in the Chairman’s report, you DO NOT have to wait until 14th April to vote. Indeed, it would very much help if you were to fill it all in and return it as soon as you can. The closing time for voting is 8.00p.m. on 14th April. Please don’t vote after that time since your vote won’t be counted and you may be charged (sorry – got a bit carried away there!).

Thank you for bearing with me through all the formalities. When all this is done, we won’t be far off getting back to the club to bowl and see everybody again. Personally I can’t wait!

Immediately after the AGM voting is confirmed, I will update you all MidGlos IBC Newsletter issue 41 March 17th 2021 via the newsletter on the decisions that you have made. We’ve already booked our first meal out (literally) at our local pub. If you have never been to “The 7 Tuns” in Chedworth, it’s well worth a visit. We’re going at lunchtime when it should be warmer than in the evening. We’re just hoping it’s not raining but we’re going whatever!

Just over a week to go now and then the clocks will be springing forward. That’s something to look forward to.

Stay safe and well,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

2 replies on “Newsletter Issue 41”

hi linda,
i`m not very good with computers and could you tell me how to access the members area on the website.
sorry to be appearing a little useless.

Hi Neil,
I’m not very good either! Kath will send out the password when we announce that it’s “live” on the website. Just remember that the vowels are numbers, not letters and you should be fine. If you are using a computer, you can copy/paste but I can’t do that on my iPad.
You don’t appear useless at all, just of a certain age as many of us are!

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