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Newsletter Issue 40

Hello everyone,

Sadly, I have to start with sad news. You have already been informed by Kath but in case some of you missed it, I have to report that Colin Inward, a former full member and latterly a social member died earlier in the year. More recently, Muriel Cooper, Reg Cooper’s wife, died after a long illness. Reg was a founder member of the club.

Many of you will have known them although I didn’t. We send our condolences to the respective families and friends.

I heard some very useful information recently. If you have been pestered with scam telephone calls, as we have. Hang up and dial 1572 to block that caller. Never press any numbers if the caller requests it. There are some very underhand, wily characters out there who obviously have nothing better to do with their time than prey on those they hope to be vulnerable. If you are at all suspicious, hang up.

The first stage of the roadmap out of lockdown begins today with children going back to school. I have four very emotional grandchildren going back to morrow. Two are at primary school and two at secondary. The latter two have both been tested twice this week prior to their return (both tested negative).

My daughter said that it was so sad to see them meeting friends they hadn’t seen for ages, firstly not recognising them because of the masks and then not being able to hug them. Much emphasis during this pandemic has been placed on the elderly but, at the other end of the scale, are the youngsters who have gone through so much. I just hope the damage is not lasting. There is no doubt that they have all been affected in various degrees.

On the other hand, the lockdown has not got to me at all. I was gardening last week and I caught myself apologising to a worm! I hadn’t even chopped it in two. I had picked it up to put in with the garden rubbish mistaking it for a stick. The following day I was chatting to a robin. I have just taken the lockdown in my stride!

In the last newsletter, I passed on the information which had been
sent out by the EIBA. This week they have issued information about
the dates for various competitions which is good news, provided the
“roadmap” is not changed.

This information is available here

Thankfully we are getting closer every day to getting back to normal. Personally I can’t wait. The good news is that, for the summer season, we have more teams entered than usual – there are seven on a Monday and ten on both Tuesday and Thursday.

There will also be an umbrella on Friday morning and evening. Gloucestershire seems to be doing particularly well with a low infection and death rate and a really efficient vaccination programme.

All good news!
Keep well,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

4 replies on “Newsletter Issue 40”

Hi Linda.
Was interested to read that you have had a conversation with a worm. I know several gardeners including myself that have tried to do the same. That said can you tell me at what end of the worm are its ears please. Also when its moving along is it going forwards or backwards. There are other issues with a worm that I’m interested to know so anything that you think might be useful please include it in your next news letter.

Judging by the comments in the news letter it looks like we are all going mad or keeping a sense of humour ,the latter I hope.l would like to thank everyone working on the club’s behalf .l can’t wait to get back playing and seeing all lovely mid glos members old and new.My news is that I had a new knee on 1st March working hard to be able to play ASAP.Be assured I will be there in some form,off my trolley or normal watch this space.

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