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Newsletter Issue 179

Hi again,

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself since I’ve just spent a few hours in the back garden tidying up, doing what I should have done at the end of last season but the endless rain made it impossible. The sad thing is that most of our garden lies at the front of our cottage so I’ve only hit about an eighth of it. At least I’ve made a start.

As I said last week – another quiet week-end apart from the friendly against Wey Valley who were on tour. I didn’t get my name down soon enough since I would have liked to play – the club is walking distance from our elder daughter’s in Guildford. It was obviously a close game but we came out the victors with a score of 103/94. Well done MidGlos.

The next friendly is on Sunday, 11th February at 2.00 against Cotswold IBC but

prior to that our Wessex B team is playing Carterton at 10.00. Good luck guys.

Before that on Saturday, 10th is the next round of the men’s and ladies’ Interclub. This time the ladies are playing in the morning at 10.00 and the men in the afternoon at 13.00.

Our next quiz is also on Saturday, 10th February with a new quizmaster, Jill Whiting, ably assisted by Howard and myself (there’s no point in us playing in the quiz without our main contributors to the answers – Jill and Graham – he’s puppy-minding). Again, it will be another popular night with about nineteen teams entered.

Another reminder about the Tony Allcock match on 17th February in the afternoon – a fun men against ladies battle. We still need more ladies to put their names down, please. We are hoping to use all seven rinks. Don’t forget ladies – we hold the title at the moment!

This Friday, 9th February is the Future of the Club meeting when we hope as many of you as possible will attend. We are aware that several people don’t like driving at night so we will hold a second meeting at 12.30 after the Friday morning umbrella on the following Friday, 16th February. Hopefully everyone will then have the opportunity to be fully aware of the future of our great club.

On that note, I’ll finish and hope that my aching back will ease with a glass of wine and a good night’s sleep.

Take care everyone,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).

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