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Newsletter Issue 16

Hello again,
Yet more information, I’m sorry!

The EIBA have issued new guidance. We now have to wear masks to enter the club and while using our lockers. However, we do not have to wear them while playing, thank goodness, provided we maintain two metres distance. I believe that we have to put them back on while at our lockers but, should you stay for a coffee or beverage of any other description, you may remove said mask. On leaving, again the mask should be worn. However, if you have any reason for not wearing a mask, you do not have to have or show written permission. This is a recommendation and guidance only from the EIBA.

Over the past few weeks, Ray, Sheila and Howard ( with Paul Havard’s help, since he was the initial contact ) have been looking into the possibility of introducing a fresh air supply into our split air system so that we can have either the air con or heating on in the winter without having to have doors open. This will make the club absolutely safe against any nasty virus lurking in the air. As soon as a decision has been made, I will be in touch again.

The really good news is that the take up of membership is very encouraging with several more weeks to go ( the sooner you can pay, the better to give us an idea of the membership going forward ). I’m pleased to say that the website has generated some new members, both totally new to bowls and some very experienced bowlers. The winter schedule is looking very healthy with most of the usual teams and some new ones, too. Should you wish to come up with any more, there is still time for them to be accommodated – just get in touch with Steve Bluck via the office. Most of our usual fixtures are still going ahead and, any that have been cancelled, are at the instigation of other clubs.

Now, this is the tricky bit! We desperately need your help! This club does not run itself! There are a .few people ( the same few ) who put in a lot of time to keep the club going on your behalf. We all love playing but we all have to do our bit, too. Please, please, please, we need more people to step up to the mark. Since we now have to keep a record of “track and trace” and, since we’ve introduced the card payment system, we need more bodies on reception ( full training will be given ). Before any bowling can begin, we have to get into the club and, at the end of each session, the club has to be secured. We need volunteers for these times too. The mornings are covered by Kath since she is in from 9.00 until 1.00p.m. Cover is needed for the afternoons and evenings. Please get in touch with our office manager, Angela, if you feel you could spare some time. Some of our leagues may not be able to go ahead if we do not have the help required. Please think carefully and volunteer if you possibly can.

Looking forward to welcoming everyone back soon.