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Newsletter Issue 15

Hello again,

Well, thank goodness we didn’t have the current weather during lockdown. My Mum used to say that, once it started, it didn’t know when to stop and I’m beginning to think she was right!

As in the last newsletter, I’m delivering information from Mr. Bluck.

All leagues will use only one scorecard per game. This was trialled last winter and was successful. In case some of the captains are getting “twitchy”, Steve assures me that the league schedules will be issued over the week-end after the GMC on 4th September. However, there is still time to form new teams, should you be in a position to do so. The days which are short of one team each were listed in the previous newsletter. In the unlikely event that you have deleted it, it is still on the website.

I’m pleased to say that many people have collected their membership packs and paid their subs already. Howard mentioned in his Chairman’s letter that the health questionnaire is optional. What he omitted to say is that these are available at reception. The information supplied is, of course, confidential but, should anything untoward happen at the club and the paramedics have to be called, this information could be vital.

If you haven’t been along to the club since Covid has been around, I would urge you to do so, just to satisfy yourself that it is perfectly safe. We’ve been going now for a few weeks and everything is working well. Having the lockers and scoreboards back in use has made life much easier and there have been some cracking games. The countdown is on to the winter season. Before we moved here, I used to dread the winter but now I look forward to it because it means there’ll be more bowling and, provided it’s not snowing and we’re snowbound (the joys of living in the wilds), the diary’s very full.

That’s it for now. Hope all is well with everyone.


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)