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Newsflash 8

Good morning,

I haven’t lost the plot! I know I wrote the last newsletter only yesterday. However, the EIBA have now issued their guidance about returning to bowling in Step 3 of releasing us from lockdown.

Since we’d heard nothing from the EIBA, despite having contacted them, we issued our guidance based on the government’s recommendations that we use common sense.

However, the EIBA have chosen to ignore the common sense approach and instead revert to their guidance issued last summer although teams of four are permitted to play provided the size of the building is large enough – we more than satisfy this criterion.

So the Summer Etiquette detailed in my previous newsletter is now null and void.

In a nutshell, it’s back to the Winter Etiquette with which you are all familiar. Copies are still available on the tables rink-side and in the lounge area.

This may appear very confusing when, outside the confines of the club, things are much less restrictive but we are governed by the EIBA and so have to abide by their guidance.

The good news is that we are still back bowling from Monday 17th May.

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)