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Winter Covid Secure Etiquette

Winter Covid Secure Etiquette:

  1. Before you set off please have your mask and check when your rink start time is. NB this is a game start time and designed to reduce clustering at reception.
  1. Please use our cashless system to pay for rinks and drinks (cash still ok). (Please add credit to your membership card after a game not before).
  1. Come dressed ready to play – changing rooms are open for hanging coats only – NOT changing. No coats / jackets on chairs rink-side please.
  1. Lockers are in use but please be patient to avoid clustering.
  1. No hand shaking or bodily contact at the start and end of the game and no interaction between adjacent rinks.
  1. There will be two jacks, one white and one yellow, with only the lead for each team touching their team jack with their hands.
  1. Whoever wins the toss leads with their jack after placing the mat. NB whichever lead places the mat first is the only person to place the mat at the start of all other ends. If the opponents win the first end then the lead that placed the first mat will place the mat where the opposing lead indicates. Observe the markings on the mat as to which end to touch.
  1. The other lead will then cast their jack at the start of the second end i.e. both leads have to carry their jack if they have not been the lead to cast the jack at the start of an end.
  1. Whilst the lead is bowling the two number two’s stay back near the ditch or stand on top of the bank – staying at least two metres apart at all times.
  1. When the leads have finished bowling they swap places with their number two and stand where they did, again at least two metres apart.
  1. Do not touch, with a hand, a bowl that is not yours.
  1. Skips centre the cast jack with their foot not hands.
  1. Any non-toucher that goes into the ditch is moved to the edge of the adjoining rink, still in the ditch, by the skip using their foot to move the bowl. If playing on adjacent rinks just move the bowl to the edge of the ditch of your own rink.
  1. A running bowl (on its correct bias) in danger of hitting a stationary bowl on another rink is stopped by the skip, with his foot, and the bowler retrieves his bowl to bowl it again. The skip does NOT pick up the bowl and send it back to the bowler on the mat. 
  1. If a skip, or anyone, touches a bowl that is not their bowl hand sanitiser stations are situated in the middle of the rinks at both ends. Don’t be afraid to use them but rub the sanitiser in well until hands are dry.
  1. All chalking must be done with a spray chalk – no sticks of chalk allowed.
  1. One skip is nominated to move the mat irrespective of who bowled the last bowl i.e. minimizing the number of people who touch the mat.
  2. One player completes the single game card and changes the scoreboard. NB As scorecards are being used for Track & Trace please print all names clearly. All spectators need to register at reception.
  1. Wipe all mats, jacks, pushers and scoreboard buttons before/after a game.
  1. Enjoy bowling again and being with your friends! Take the time after the game to have a socially distanced drink and chat. NB When in the lounge area please remember the RULE OF SIX …
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… and don’t forget to wear your mask!

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