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Newsletter Issue 74

Hello everyone,

Although I said there wouldn’t be a newsletter this week, there are some pieces of information which you need to know.

Since the introduction of Plan B by the Government, the EIBA have issued new guidelines which are pretty much as they were except that the wearing of masks when entering, leaving and moving around the building is now mandatory as opposed to voluntary unless you are exempt.

Our Health and Safety Director suggests that a lateral flow test should be taken at home and a negative result obtained prior to coming the quiz on Saturday evening. These test kits can still be obtained from most local chemists.

Looking forward to seeing all of you who have a table already booked.

It seems ages ago now that the Masons was played a week today and the Yetton on the Saturday. I’m pleased to report that both the A and B teams won their matches in the Masons and will now have to play each other in the next round.

At least we’re assured of one MidGlos team going through. Sadly we lost all but one of the rinks in the Yetton so are now out of that competition.

We arrived back from Potters this afternoon. After the first four round robin games, we finished fifth equal. The top eight teams go through to play in the knockout rounds. Unfortunately, we were knocked out in the quarter final. 

Once you reach this stage, instead of playing twelve ends or one and a half hours as in the round robin with one on the first end, it is usually reduced to eight ends only or an hour, still with one on the first end. However, this time the format was no different in the final stages than it had been in the round robin.

Going into the tenth end, we were ahead 6/5. The opposition scored one on that end making it a draw and we had run out of time. Therefore we had to play an extra end and they beat us. Such a shame as it had been such a tight game all along.

The really annoying thing is that, had it been just the usual eight ends, we’d have won, hey ho!

So the opportunity to play on the portable rink is still on our bucket list. We’ll try again next year since we’ve qualified for that tournament too.

I think that’s about all for now. Looking forward to being back at the club tomorrow for both the interclub and the quiz.

Take care. 
Linda Watkin-Jones.
MidGlos IBC Newsletter issue 74 Dec 17 th 2021

Director (PR & Marketing)

2 replies on “Newsletter Issue 74”

3:30pm on the afternoon of the quiz is a little bit late to advise people to take an LFT. Wearing of masks is understandable as we have worn them all week. Many people will not even have read this newsletter !

If you read the newsletter, you will see that it was written yesterday evening after we returned from a week away. I write the newsletter but it has to go through a few processes before it reaches you. In actual fact it was on the website this morning.

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