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Newsletter Issue 18

Hello again,

As promised, there follows a summary of the main points discussed at the GMC on Friday afternoon.

It is important that you read the details on your winter playing schedule sheets. Since some of the leagues have a greater number of teams, it has been decided that there will be a staggered start time for the START of the game, not the arrival time. You should be ready to play at the stated time. The reason for the staggered start time is to avoid clustering at reception as people queue to pay rink fees. Could I also ask you that, when topping up your card, if possible choose a time when reception is not busy i.e. after your bowling session?

Last season one score card per game was trialled. This is now to be adopted for all sessions. To speed up the queuing time at reception, track and trace data will be taken from this card. Please print names clearly.

Changing rooms will be open, with the door wedged open as with toilets, for the sole purpose of coat hanging, not changing. Please arrive dressed ready to play. Lockers will remain available to use but please be respectful of others.

Please read the notices regarding the wearing of masks. If you are mask-tolerant, please wear one on arrival, changing into bowling shoes and when leaving. A mask is not required to be worn during play. However, if you feel happier, you may of course wear one for the duration. If you are not wearing a mask during the game, you must observe the two metre rule.

When the leads are on the green the number twos should be on the bank. When the leads have finished they should step onto the bank while the number twos play. At the head, the number twos only should be on the green. In the case of fours, it is recommended that threes play up but, if not, the two metre distancing must be followed as laid out for trips.

A new winter bowling etiquette is being prepared. Do keep an eye open for it on the website and in the club. The latest government restrictions do not apply to Covid-secure clubs.

I hinted in the last newsletter that, since we are a bowling club, it was felt that there should be a closer cooperation between the board and the bowls committee. It was decided that we would trial the inclusion of two members from the bowls committee to attend board meetings. The two representatives from the bowls committee will be the League Secretary and the Head Coach. We are delighted that Steve Bluck and Sandy Kerr have agreed to participate in this trial.

Congratulations to those people who are through to the last stages of the club competitions. Those folks have been contacted and given the dates on which the games will be played. The dates will be displayed in the club and on the website. As far as we know the Nationals are still going ahead but we are unsure of the dates. Since some clubs are still yet to open, I feel it is unlikely that they will go ahead but we will await further notifications.

Since we are on the subject of competitions, Bob Marsden has retired as our Competitions Secretary after many years’ service. Our thanks to Bob for his efforts and now we are looking for a volunteer to step forward to fill his shoes for the 20/21 season and beyond, hopefully. Please contact the office if you feel you could offer your help. I’m sure Bob would be willing to pass on his very valuable knowledge and advice.

As a result of the GMC, we will be able to create a Club Development Plan. Work is currently underway on finalising this plan and, once we have it, it will be published on the website. Incidentally, if you don’t already, then please start to visit the club website regularly as this is becoming our main avenue of communication to members.

A couple of requests:

If you use anything from the “first aid” box, please let reception know. It is vital that this is always fully stocked. If you have “borrowed” the specialist visor which was in the kit, please return it. It is the personal property of one of our members.

Please be vigilant in sanitising the score boards, pushers, jacks and mats after using them. At the end of a game or roll up all the mentioned elements must be sanitised with the impregnated cloths.

The lucky winners of the 200 Club draw this week are:

1st prize – David Harris

2nd prize – John Tolmie

3rd prize – Shirley Margrie

Snowball – Martyn Ross.

Final piece of good news is that this week we are commencing work on the fresh air input to our ventilating system so making our split air system as safe as possible for all members and visitors to the club. It means we can run the circulation and heating without the side doors being open!

I hope that I’ve covered everything. If not, rest assured, it’ll be in next week’s newsletter.

Best wishes,


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)