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Newsletter Issue 177

Hello everyone,

Well, the snow didn’t come which was just as well since we had no volunteers to clear it had it arrived. Please, don’t leave everything to the few stalwarts who always come forward. The possibility of snow is not over for several weeks yet.

I have realised that there’s definitely something to be said for hibernating. I’m sure I was born into the wrong country. Storm Isha is about to hit now. Roll on the warmer months.

Did you watch “World Bowls”? There have been some stunning matches with some surprising results. Many of the “big” names were knocked out in the early stages. I didn’t see every match but I watched most of them – that’s my treat once a year. I guess I’ll have to do some housework now!

The first of the men’s interclub matches began yesterday in the morning with the ladies playing in the afternoon.

MidGlos men beat Barnwood men while Cheltenham men beat Cheltenham Spa.

In the afternoon, MidGlos ladies beat Cheltenham while Barnwood ladies beat Caer Glow.

The next stage is to be played on Saturday, 10th February.

Our monthly quiz was hosted by Sheila Kingswell assisted by Steve Bluck last evening. It was enjoyed by a record number of nineteen teams, I believe. The next one will be on Saturday, 10th February and will be hosted by our new quizmaster, Jill Whiting. Sign up if you wish to take part.

Talking of signing up, there is a sheet up on the competitions board advertising the Tony Allcock match.

This a fun match when the ladies play against the men. The ladies won last time it was played! The date is Saturday afternoon, 17th February. Please sign your name on the appropriate sheet. Not only is it fun but the winners get bragging rights for a year!!

Our Wessex teams were playing this morning. The A team was playing Carterton and won one rink, drew one and lost two rinks so lost overall. We knew it would be a tough one because, not only were we playing our arch rivals but several of our key players were unavailable. The B team was playing Chipping Norton. They too lost overall with just one rink winning out of the four.

The B team will be playing Carterton next on 11th February while the A team plays Cotswold A on 25th February – that will be another tough one.

The results of that match will determine whether or not we qualify to play in the play off on 20th March. Fingers crossed!

The “boys” were playing a trips match in Bristol today with the support of parents Stu Hodges and Lee Williamson – hence the lack of some of our really strong players. Unfortunately, overall they lost by one shot. Well played guys.

This afternoon, MidGlos was against Cheltenham in a friendly. I hope it was enjoyed by all but I’m afraid I don’t know the outcome.

The next friendly is against Bishops Cleeve on Saturday, 27th January.

Please remember that mobile phones should not be on the rinks unless you are expecting a call from the doctor, the hospital or an anticipated possible emergency (e.g. someone is ill and has taken a turn for the worse). In any of these cases, you should inform all players on your rink beforehand that you are carrying your phone and may have to answer it. If we were to enforce the rules, answering your phone while on the rinks means that the game goes to the opposition.

I hope you have noticed posters up around the club and on the tables advertising an important meeting about the future of the club to be held at 7.00p.m. on Friday, 9th February. This is a very important meeting. We hope that you will make the effort to attend. Hopefully it shouldn’t last too long but we really do emphasise that your attendance is important.

Thank you.

Please keep warm and safe in storm Isha.


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing).

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Unfortunately we are unable to attend the important meeting on Friday 9th February as we are away for a long weekend. Knowing that volunteering is all important for the running of the club we are both happy to continue as volunteers for the bar & office.
Martyn & Wilma

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