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Newsletter Issue 161

Hello everyone and welcome to the new season. Let’s just call it that rather
than “the winter season”.

It’s been so lovely over the last few weeks seeing the familiar faces (attached to bodies) coming into the club again. I love it when the rest of the “family” is back. Let’s make it a really good season.

The summer league winners were:
Monday – Ark Angels
Tuesday – In Laws
Wednesday – Wallabies
Thursday – In Laws

Congratulations to all concerned. Enjoy your free game.

The winners of this month’s 200 Club were:
1st prize – £50.00 – Alan Williams
2nd prize – £20.00 – Maggie Geoghegan
3rd prize – £10.00 – Jane Roylands
Snowball – £150.00 – Anne Hesling.

Provided we have a minimum of one hundred signing up, there will no longer be the snowball but the prizes will be increased to £75.00, £25.00 and £15.00 beginning next month as detailed in last week’s newsletter. If we fail to reach that number, the 200 Club will cease and the £20.00 fee for each share will be returned to those who have already signed up. We need to reach 100 by the end of September.

Now over to Howard for the next bit:

This will come as no surprise to some members, but probably for most of you it will be a small surprise. For the last three years I have been working on something my family have encouraged me to do for years … write down one of the many stories I have told my children and grandchildren.

So I did!

It is different from what it started out to be and I never really believed it would be accepted by a publisher for the 9 – 13 category of reader.

However, in the development process, my friend Jill Whiting read an early version and gave some lovely comments (which have been incorporated into the text) and encouragement. My first target market reader was Jemima Knight (elder daughter of Steve Knight), and she too gave really positive feedback.

So I continued and back in March I presented it to a local publisher. They accepted the manuscript and since then we have been editing and re editing the text plus reducing the number of my illustrations within the story.

The book will be launched on October 26 th and I have a launch signing on Saturday October 28th at Octavia’s Bookshop, Black Jack Street, Cirencester.

In the meantime both a kindle version and a book can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.

It is a fantasy adventure story set in times gone by when grey wolves ruled the high forests and the ferocious bull-like aurochs roamed the woods and forests that covered most of this land. Whenever evil stalks through the trees then a green figure will arise and ride to fight that evil … on the back of a huge grey wolf. And the front cover looks like this:

So, the name on the cover … the author’s name, G.D. Howard. It is what I am and what I would like my readers to think of me as … Granddad Howard!

Back to me:

How many folks does it take to turn a Wi-Fi TV on?!!! If only we’d grown up with technology!!!

Hope that made you smile or maybe despair?

Take care everyone. See you this week.


Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing).