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Newsletter Issue 64


We arrived back from Potters on Friday afternoon after a great time! Even the weather was kind to us apart from a couple of showers one day. Thursday was absolutely beautiful – sunny and warm but Howard and I didn’t see much of it since we were bowling in the last sixteen, followed by the quarters and the semis. On Friday morning we played the final and won!

Sixty-one teams entered the tournament. In the first round, you play three games of twelve ends or one and a half hours each with one on the first end.

When you reach the knock-out rounds, it’s reduced to eight ends or an hour, still with one on the first end. It really concentrates the mind since you’re not only bowling against the clock but with the knowledge that there are very few ends in which to “do it”.

Apart from the bowling, there’s plenty to do and the entertainment is excellent. Since it’s now all inclusive, you needn’t spend anything else while you’re there although the shop does sell a range of bowls, shoes, apparel and tempting fancy goods. All in all, I can thoroughly recommend it.

We did capture a flavour of our time away:

As you can see, our head coach enjoyed his hot chocolate (with cream and sprinkles!)

Food figured prominently in Lin Brighty’s time away. One morning she had two breakfasts! I know it’s all inclusive but, really?! She was a little confused with the banana situation too … when you next see her don’t ask what an EU banana is!!

That’s what comes of being in the company of our head coach and chairman!

Here’s a glimpse of the traditional end of the final evening (we always slip out before the flag-waving bit) but the show prior to it was excellent. The entertainment crew are having to “muck in” and play more spots than usual since their numbers are still much reduced. They do a sterling job.

And then you may recognise two of the people here. We’re bringing the Top Club cup in to be displayed in the club.

Back down to earth. The Welford friendly due to be played on Sunday, 10th October had to be cancelled since they were unable to put a team together because their club is travelling down to Potters on Monday, 11th. Unfortunately, we had to concede the Top Club game to Clary Dunbar due to insufficient support from our members.

I’m pleased to say that the forthcoming quiz has proved to be very popular. I believe we’re now up to full capacity but, if you’ve missed out on this one, be sure to get your name down early for the next one in November. The date will be announced shortly in the newsletter.

The Wednesday evening Interclub games begin on Wednesday 20th October when we are playing Dowty. If you’re not playing, why not come along and support? The bar will be open! I just hope I can bowl that night since I will have had both my flu and Covid booster jabs on the Tuesday!

Let’s hope this lovely weather lasts a bit longer. It’s such a welcome bonus to round off a not particularly good summer. But we’ve got our bowling whatever the weather so we’re very fortunate. On that bright note, I’ll sign off.

Take care,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)

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