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Newsletter Issue 61


I’m not saying anything about the weather since I may jinx it but … enjoy!

First of all; many thanks to those of you who’ve come forward to volunteer. More of the office vacancies have now been filled. However, the catering side of things is still looking very needy. It’s a big ask to expect Jill and Sheila, both of whom give up a lot of their free time already, to do all the catering on their own. Please offer your help if at all possible to lighten their load.

Although there’s no real recognition of the performances of the different teams in this year’s summer leagues, we must congratulate the winners and runners up.

Monday morning –     Winners – Hayles Angels.       Runners up – Guardian Angels

Tuesday morning –     Winners – In Laws.                   Runners up – In The Mix

Thursday morning – Winners – In Laws.                   Runners up – Okays

Well done all of you and those members who stood in at various times.

From next week, when the winter season begins, there will be a small increase in the price of drinks other than those from the machines. The prices haven’t changed for a considerable time but, I’m afraid, they have to be raised now to reflect increased cost prices.

Not much news this time. All that remains to be said is: Have a great new season, hopefully uninterrupted. I am and I hope you are looking forward to it and catching up with old friends and making new friends since we have quite a few new members, which is excellent news to finish with.

Kind regards,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)

One reply on “Newsletter Issue 61”

I am prepared to offer help in the kitchen. Cooking , preparing , washing up, peeling, crushing, serving, etc. . . .

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