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Newsletter Issue 57

Hello again (somewhat sooner than usual).

The membership renewal packs are now available at reception to be picked
up. Payment for the year ‘21/22 is due from 1st September but feel free to pay beforehand. May I stress that payment must be made before you play your first game of the new season which begins on 20th September.

The health questionnaire is not included in the pack. However this form is
available at reception. The completed forms are kept securely. It is optional that you fill it in but, should anything have changed since you last filled one in, please take another one so that, should anything which requires medical
attention happen at the club, the form is up to date. A vital piece of information is your next of kin. I urge you to fill that part in, if nothing else, on the form.

Now, I have a series of requests. Please read them and give them serious

  1. The volunteers who cut the grass and maintain the gardens have asked for compost bins to be placed at strategic points. Should you have any spare bins, could you contact Kath in the office, please?
  2. We are in desperate need of more volunteers. There are only two paid employees at the club. Every other job not covered by Kath and Mark is done by a volunteer. This club, like any other, does not run itself. People put in a considerable amount of time and effort to keep it running. We all need to play our part to ensure the continued smooth running of club life.

The catering team needs help with shopping, preparation, cooking, serving and clearing up. If you can offer help in any of these areas, please contact Jill Whiting.

The bar needs volunteers. Please contact Jill if you are still willing to help behind the bar or if you would like to add your name to the list. I’ve already mentioned the grounds where more volunteers are needed in this area too. Please contact Kath if you’d like to offer your help.

Angela needs more volunteers in the office. As well as needing to boost her numbers, there are currently vacancies on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 1.00 to 3.30. Please contact Angela if you can help out.

Do remember, that not all of these jobs are required on a weekly basis. The more folks who come forward the less onerous these tasks become. As is said at a popular supermarket, every little helps.

Pleas over but please, if you can help in any of these areas, come forward.

Thank you in anticipation.

We are hoping to resume coaching sessions on Thursday afternoons between 1.30 and 3.30. These sessions are free and open to both new and present members. We are very fortunate to have a good number of coaches who are willing to give up their time to help with any bowling problems, so if you think you could benefit from a coaching session, please contact Head Coach Sandy.

So looking forward to the new winter season and seeing some new and some familiar faces again. Fingers crossed that we have an uninterrupted year this year.

Take care,

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

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