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Newsletter Issue 52

One and a bit weeks to go to freedom, maybe!!! Fingers crossed because I, for one, have had enough!

The National Gardens last Sunday went very well despite the appalling weather. Thank you so much to the volunteers who helped on the day and to the people ( not only ladies ) who donated the cakes and the plants. There was a huge variety of cakes which were, without exception, delicious.

Since we have a four month old puppy, who is a digger, I wasn’t in the market for plants this year! However, all those donated were extremely healthy and varied.

As I had stated, all the proceeds of the cakes and plants went to the club. We made £262.00 on the cakes and drinks £34.00 on the plants. In all, just short of £300.00 which made it well worth doing. Had the weather been kinder, the takings would have been better. It’s such a shame since the people who opened their gardens would have spent a great deal of time and effort to get their gardens into tip-top shape. Maybe the weather will be better another year.

Irrespective of what is officially decided for 19th July, we will revert to our original Summer etiquette which was basically that we could revert to normal provided that both teams agree, i.e. one jack, both leads and skips can move the mat, anyone can put up the score, any wood can be touched by hand, etc. However, if you would prefer to use two jacks and wear your mask before commencing play, that is fine too. Primarily, we want you to feel totally at ease coming to Midglos to enjoy a game of bowls and interaction with friends. Roll on freedom day!

Take care, Linda.

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