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Newsletter Issue 34

I’m writing this on the first official day of yet another lockdown (Lockdown 3)! It may be the last but, then again, it may not be. We have a target of 15th February by which time the majority of our club should have been vaccinated and, three weeks later, protected against this horrible virus. I want to believe that that target is achievable!

Apparently, when you are called for your vaccination, it speeds up the process enormously if you have your NHS number available. This is easily found on anything issued by the NHS, i.e. a prescription or repeat prescription. I have now written mine in my diary along with any allergies.

Last newsletter, I asked if we had any members with plumbing knowledge. I had a very swift response from a willing new member, Dave Carter. He’s been to assess the problem and is coming at the end of this week with the necessary parts to do the job. Many, many thanks.

Although we are just a few days into the new year, the nights are noticeably lighter (note the optimism!). Maybe some of you would fancy taking up a new pastime? I was listening to “Woman’s Hour” one day this week and there was a woman on advocating naked hiking! Apparently it is legal! Nevertheless it’s not on my bucket list (she does do it in warmer weather). Good luck to her.

At last there is something to look forward to! World Bowls begins this Friday morning on YouTube. The first match is men’s pairs between Greg Harlow and Nicky Brett against Daniel Salmon and Damian Doubler. I don’t know how different it will be from usual but, obviously it will be behind closed doors and the overseas players will not be taking part but it’s better than nothing. That’s me sorted for the next three weeks. When we eventually reopen, I’ll be an expert!

So, I’ve just got to get through the rest of today and tomorrow and then I’ll be glued to the television (not something I normally allow myself to do during the day unless it’s Wimbledon). 

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the bowling.


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

8 replies on “Newsletter Issue 34”

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much for reminding me that World Bowls is available on YouTube earlier than the TV.
Best Wishes
Norman Douse

Linda John and I had our Covid Vaccination last Saturday, it was very
well organised at Churchdown Community Centre. There was no problem identifying us and we had no need of our NHS number.
We will not get our second vaccine until March 1st, this is what they told us. We do still have to abide by the Covid regulations

Hello Jan, and John, Wishing you both a healthy New Year. We have our 2nd jab , vaccination, on Sunday 10th. And thank you Linda for the newsletters, much appreciated. x

Once again thankyou for the latest newsletter, yes I might watch the bowls. also as I am an ex golfer I will be watching tomorrows tournament over 4 days. I always have a little bet on one or two but its getting more difficult to find the winner.
Best wishes and stay safe John

Thanks Linda. Some good optism to be sure. Lets hope we will all be back together soon. . . . . . . . .Im quite willing to take part in a sponsored naked hike. A bit like a Captain Tom thing around the clubs car park. Can you ask for volunteers to join me please. Great idea for raising club funds. The idea might even accelerate to the Nation 😊

Are you serious, Chris?!
I don’t need to put it to others since you’ve already done it! You haven’t specified the time of year for the event!
Let me know if you have any/many takers!

Please note they will ask you if you have any food allergies before they vaccinate. If you do it is worth asking your GP now if your allergies stop you being vaccinated so when you go you tell them that your GP has said it is OK. Most allergies ate ok but worth checking so your vaccination isn’t delayed

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