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Newsletter Issue 28

Hello again,

This is going to be a tough one – trying to put a positive angle on today’s dismal news.

We, as expected, have been put into “Tier 2” which means that we are not allowed to bowl indoors unless with a family member (not exactly financially viable)!

Although it is to be reviewed fortnightly and the next review is on 16th December, I cannot see that anyone is going to be put into a lower tier before Christmas especially since we are being advised to see as few people as possible before being allowed to meet up to three families indoors for five days.

We have also been warned that the price we’ll have to pay for such freedom will be substantial.

The good news is that all four crash doors now have 24” square tempered glass louvred windows in them which can be angled to allow a flow of fresh air to circulate when the heating is on.

The donations received after the first lockdown covered the cost of these. Many, many thanks to those of you who kindly donated some of the money saved during that time.

We are now looking into sourcing roller blinds so that sunlight does not interfere with play but fresh air can still circulate. We now have time to get this sorted before re-opening some time in the new year.

Another piece of good news is that our financial director has applied to Tewkesbury Borough Council for a grant to help with the financial impact of our enforced closure.

We have been granted a small amount which is gratefully received but nowhere near covers the loss of rink fees, bar takings, meals and social events which would normally have taken place.

It’s so sad that all the effort and time put into making the club Covid secure and your willingness to support the club appears to count for nothing. However, we are not the only business to be suffering. Here’s to the vaccine roll-out as soon as possible.

Four lucky people have some good news today:

The winners of the 200 Club are:

  1. Barbara Clark
  2. Brian Partridge
  3. David Harris

Snowball Pauline Corish

Well done and, if you give your bank details to Kath, she will pay your winnings in for you.

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the answers to the “tree” quiz. They are:

1.   Spruce

2.   Palm

3.   Birch

4.   Yew

5.   Beech

6.   Eucalyptus

7.   Poplar

8.   Fir

9.   Apple

10.  Fig

11.  Monkey puzzle

12.  Willow

13.  Witch hazel

14.  Aspen

15.  Pear

16.  Box

17.  Elm

18.  Cherry

19.  Oak

20.  Rowan or Elder

I’m afraid this newsletter hasn’t been particularly uplifting but things are as they are and we just have to grin and bear it and look towards more normal times returning in the new year. Try to remain positive and keep smiling.


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)

8 replies on “Newsletter Issue 28”

Hi Linda, I would like to donate some money towards the roller blinds, can I take it to the club or send a cheque, stay well, hope to see you all soon.

Hi Shirley,
That’s very kind of you. You can do either. Kath is in the office on Monday and Thursday mornings.
Thank you so much. We’re waiting for confirmation from the EIBA that, since we have put in Covid secure measures and now have a fresh air source and respect the two metre rule, are we allowed to bowl? Fingers and toes crossed!
Kind regards, Linda

Linda, i emailed Kath regarding my wonderful win but no reply. I was not happy giving my bank details via an email and asked if i could collect it or pop in and give details?

I love your positive outlook; as a social member with no transport, I cannot support the Club in the ways I used to (quizzes, meals, raffles, etc.) but as a member since 2000, I believe all the Directors over the years have made substantial contributions in their own way to the success of the Club. Long may it continue and a happier New Year to one and all.

Thank you, April.
It’s very hard trying to be positive at the moment. We are missing bowling SO much and just feel helpless but I’ll try to find some positive vibes.

Thanks, George. All they can do is offer us money which is a help, of course but we want to be allowed to bowl.
So frustrating!

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