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Newsletter Issue 25

Hello again,

More really good news! Thank goodness there’s something positive to report in these dark days (in more ways than one).


Our current membership stands at 311 (as of Tuesday this week) – not far off pre-Covid times. Within that number are 237 standard members and five under 14s (two boys and three girls). New members continue to be attracted, mainly via the website.


This next paragraph is for the attention of the ladies mainly – no, not The Full Monty or The Chippendales but we need more ladies to commit to the competitions. The cost is a mere £2 per entry and the experience is invaluable (win or lose).

It’s all good experience and, believe it or not, enjoyable. It’s also good for the club. If the competitions are not supported, we will lose them, possibly for good. As a club, we go back a long way, please help to keep these competitions going.

In order to give you more time to get your names down, the closing date has been extended to 8 NOVEMBER!

The following competitions need more entries:

  • Ladies 4 bowl singles – at least 2 more entries
  • Ladies 2 bowl singles – at least 3 more entries
  • Ladies Triples – at least 3 more entries
  • Sue Waterston mixed Triples where a lady must skip – at least 2 more
  • entries
  • Ladies over 65 singles – at least 1 more entry
  • Ladies over 65 pairs – at least 2 more
  • Mens Triples – at least 1 more

Please give it some thought, talk to your friends and put your names down.

200 Club

The October 200 Club draw has taken place electronically and the lucky winners are:

  • 1st prize – Gill Fry
  • 2nd prize – Harold Grouse
  • 3rd prize – Hilda May
  • Snowball – Edna Tolmie

Club competition finals

Don’t forget that there are more finals taking place this Sunday. They were detailed in last week’s newsletter.

Go along to the club if you can to support them.

The postponed Sue Waterstone final will now be played on Sunday
morning at 10am between D. Owen, S. Lister and C. Nation vs. L. Watkin-Jones, R. Fry and G. Fry.

There were some excellent matches played last Sunday.

John Philbrick and Steve Bluck won the mens pairs, Hilda May and Ann Hesling won the ladies pairs and Steve Bluck won the over 65 singles.

Well done to all the above and to the runners up.

On the subject of finals, the following extract from the EIBA unfortunately states the cancellation of the Nationals 2020-2021 and the postponing of the 2019-2020 finals:

“The complete 2020-2021 National Competition programme is cancelled with immediate effect. All entries will automatically be placed into the 2021-2022 season.

If any competitor does not wish for this to happen, please e-mail so that this can be actioned.

The 2019-2020 National Finals scheduled due to take place in November 2020 will be postponed. With the cancellation of the 2020-2021 programme the EIBA wish to stage these finals in April 2021, when hopefully the COVID-19 situation has improved in order for all outstanding finals to be concluded.”

Hence the 1st round of the Ladies Over 60s Pairs in Nottingham between MidGlos (Denise Bailey and Gill Fry) and Northampton will take place at 9.30am on Wednesday 8 April.

Our good wishes to them and here’s hoping that it goes ahead then.


I hope you’ve been enjoying Jill and Frank Skelton’s quizzes. They have kindly supplied another:

Quiz … found in the garden.
1.   Beautiful sunrise
2.   Sounds like a choice of nut
3.   Conceal the party worker
4.   Line up for the dolly
5.   Material for a sun dress
6.   The shepherd’s friend and the baker’s ingredient
7.   Wise man’s insignia
8.   Early bird giving encouragement
9.   Part of speech inquire of them
10.  Darkness, perfumed and an exchange
11.  Curtail 2 wheeled velocipede and so let it be
12.  Strong feeling in bloom
13.  Nectar from the breast
14.  Colourful accommodation
15.  Miss Roper disentangled
16.  Feline source of money
17.  Crustacean combines with Adam’s downfall
18.  Turn up the fastening
19.  Sounds like an alternative child
20.  Costing nothing is a changed end
21.  A cloth + a Christian festival
22.  Boot polish
23.  Add P to backache
24.  Hidden tramp can beg on Ian St.
25.  What daring airmen like doing
26.  Weight of gold
27.  A taxi for an era
28.  Stan …..
29.  This is more than a saga
30.  A part of the head
31.  Father likes using the shears

32.  A friend of Bill and Ben
33.  If you borrow you ….
34.  Instrument has roof support
35.  Small change by the seashore
36.  This fruit is Ribes nigrum
37.  Cold fall
38.  Heated card game
39.  Fairy shellfish
40.  Sounds the wakeup call

Answers will be posted next week. In the meantime, stay well and enjoy your bowling.

Linda Watkin-Jones.
Director (PR & Marketing)

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