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Newsletter Issue 24

Hello again,

Really good news – our membership numbers are steadily climbing. Just this week a total of nine new members have signed up (at the time of writing this – 3.30 on Wednesday afternoon). The age of our membership now ranges from 10 years right up to folks in their nineties! It is so true – bowling is a young person’s game that “older” people can play!

Coaching doesn’t stop after you’ve had your initial three free sessions. Every Thursday afternoon coaching is available if you would like help with a particular aspect of your bowling. Put your request in at reception or direct to Club Coach, Sandy Kerr and get yourself booked in. We are in the fortunate position of having a number of coaches available. If you would prefer a lady coach, we have Shirley Cromie and Rachel Rosagro in addition to the four male coaches cited on the website.

The catch up draws for the 200 Club have now been completed so this month’s draw will take place electronically next Wednesday in order for me to include the lucky winners in the newsletter. I mentioned last week that the snowball would be for £50.00. This is the case at the moment. That is to say that it will not be rolled over.

It’s never too late to join. The cost is £20.00 per number for the year.

Don’t forget the finals being played this Saturday – they were detailed in last week’s newsletter ( still on the website ).

The last set of finals is to be played on 1st November.

There will be two matches played at 10.00:

The Pat Dunstan Trophy between P. Slater and J.Kemsley and

The Men’s 4 Wood Singles between M. Prosser and S. Knight.

In the afternoon, the Champion of Champions will be played between:

G.Fry and the men’s club champion (TBC).

There is still one outstanding final to be played – The Sue Waterston which is mixed triples with a lady skip. One member of one of the teams is recovering from an illness (not Covid). As soon as he is fit, the match will be played on a date suitable to both teams.

Good luck to all those competing on both days. There is still time to enter this year’s competitions – closing date is 25th October i.e. this week-end.

Congratulations to last week’s winners.

Under 25s – Adam Smith

Men’s Pairs – Paul Phelpsted and Mike Prosser

Mixed Triples – Angie Hendry, Ann Leach and John Bailey

Commiserations to the runners up but well played.

Thank you, too to the markers, Sandy Kerr and Maurice Freeby for agreeing to give up their time.

Answers to last week’s flower quiz.

1.   Cyclamen

2.   Sweet pea

3.   Hyacinth

4.   Violet

5.   Bluebells

6.   Sunflower

7.   Rose

8.   Crocus

9.   London pride

10.  Daffodil

11.  Cowslip

12.  Hotlips

13.  Cornflower

14.  Buttercup

15.  Daisy

16.  Wallflower

17.  Poppy

18.  Forget-me-not

19.  Snapdragon

20.  Busy lizzie

A gentle reminder:

Face masks must be worn, unless you are exempted, at all times except when actually playing and drinking/eating.

2 metre social distancing.

Please put chairs back in place around the tables ( rule of six )

No spectating below the glass screens. Please spectate from the lounge area.

Hands Face Space

Apologies for all these rules but at least we are still open and thriving and hopefully enjoying the bowling. Fingers crossed that no more draconian rules are imposed on us.


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

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