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Newsletter Issue 23

We’re back!

Potters Update

We had a great time at Potters but not quite Potters as we know it. We’ve been going twice a year for a number of years to play in a mid-week tournament.

Such tournaments are played almost every week from September to March.

Anyone can enter and there’s usually a mixture of abilities from a holiday guest who has no idea what they’ve signed up for right through the abilities to National winners and England players.

The usual format is for rinks but this time, due to Covid, it had to be three wood triples. Unfortunately, we got knocked out in the quarter finals (we’re just about over the disappointment now!).

Rescheduled Club Finals

Now to more pressing issues. The next set of carried-over finals are being played this Saturday 17 October:

  1. The Under 25s singles semi-finals and final are being played at 10am between: A. Smith, A. White, B. Coldrick and J.Williams
  2. The men’s pairs final starts at 10am between: M.Townson & V.Wilks v P.Phelpsted & M.Prosser
  3. The mixed triples starts at 1pm between: A.Hendry, A.Leach & J.Bailey v R.Rosagro, J.Philbrick & S.Bluck

The next set of finals are to be played on Saturday 24 October:

  1. Men’s over 65 pairs at 10am between: S.Bluck & J.Philbrick v N.Pashley & D.Owen
  2. Ladies pairs starting at 10.30am between: H.May & A.Hesling v J.Kemsley & G.Fry
  3. Men’s over 65 singles starting at 1.30pm between: S.Bluck v G.Ridgeon

Sunday 1 November:

  1. Men’s four wood singles starting at 10am between: M.Prosser v S.Knight
  2. Followed by the Ladies Champion (Gill Fry) v Men’s Champion (TBC) at 1pm

Good luck to all of you. They would appreciate your support if you can spare the time.

The last sets of finals are to be played on 1st November. Details nearer the time.

2020/2021 Club Competitions

While on the subject of competitions, this year’s entry forms are on the noticeboard nearest the rinks in a brown envelope.

Pick up a form, pay your £2.00 per competition entry and have a go. It’s all good practice. The closing date for entries is 25th October.

200 Club

The lucky folks in the September 200 Club draw are:

1st prize £50.00 – Pauline Corish

2nd prize £20.00 – Martyn Ross

3rd prize £10.00 – Hilda May

Snowball £50.00 – Chris Barham

Could you please give your bank details to Kath so that she can pay it directly into your bank. Thank you.

The weekly catch-up of the months missed during the lockdown are now completed.

From now on, the draw will take place on the last Friday of the month. The prizes will remain the same.

If you are not already a member of the 200 Club, please give it some thought. The cost for one number is £20.00. There is no restriction on how many numbers you hold and, as you can see the payout is pretty good.


Now for a little light entertainment. Jill and Frank Skelton have kindly supplied a short quiz. The answers will appear in next week’s newsletter.

The answer to each question is the name of a flower:

1.   Unwell chaps

2.   All alike, in a pod, and not bitter

3.   The lady of the house speaking

4.   Colourful girl’s name

5.   Nursery rhyme boy, in church tower

6.   A shining bloom

7.   By any other name

8.   Frogs noise, don’t swear

9.   A real ale, a Capital and Lions

10.  Loony tunes duck and herby dog

11.  Milk machine has a fall

12.  Sweetheart kiss

13.  Painful on the feet, petal

14.  You’ll need both for tea and toast

15.  Girl in a chain

16.  Brick border bloom

17.  Dad pays a visit

18.  Remember me

19.  Card game of mythical creature

20.  An active lady

MidGlos Development Plan

The MidGlos Club Development Plan (copy in the Members’ Area) has had a resounding ‘well done’ from the National Club Development Officer at Bowls Alliance.

Provided the government doesn’t go for a circuit breaker, we appear to be safe for now. Here’s hoping!


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

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