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Newsletter Issue 22

Hello again,

The good news is that I’m away next week at Potters (very different from what we’re used to. They have made huge changes in order to comply with the ever-changing rules imposed be the government and the EIBA) and so there won’t be a newsletter.

While on the subject of changes, I do hope that you realise that our changes are for exactly that reason – we have to respond to the ever changing government’s rules and those of the EIBA.

In order to space out the teams more, the Monday and Tuesday afternoon leagues and the Wednesday morning league will now be played on rinks 2, 4 and 6. Please remember that, while playing in every game, you must observe the 2 metre rule. Every member should, by now, be aware of this and you are each entitled to gently remind anyone on your rink who forgets. We are all social animals and have been used to behaving in a perfectly natural manner. However, during this very strange time, we have to act differently.

Can I draw your attention to the “friendlies” notice board? Please look at it and add your name if you’re available on the dates listed. The first one is against Dowty on 10th October and the second one is away to Bristol on 25th October.

The 200 Club winners are:

1st prize – Jean Webster

2nd prize – Doris March

3rd prize – Anne Smith

Snowball – Brian Mayell

Enjoy your winnings!

I guess if more changes come in while we’re away, there could be another newsletter next week after all. Let’s hope not.


Linda Watkin-Jones. 

Director (PR & Marketing)

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