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Newsletter Issue 13

Hello everyone,

We’ve now been back in action for almost two weeks and all is going well, I’m pleased to say. The Covid secure code has been well-received and adhered to. I think it’s true to say that we’re all so pleased to be back that we’d accept almost anything just to feel more normal.

I believe that the code that we’ve adopted is reasonably straightforward, unlike the following which I read in the paper at the end of last week. It tickled me; I hope you appreciate it, too:

Matt Hancock’s list of clear, simple and easy-to-follow rules for the coming week.

Residents of Gateshead will be permitted to meet up with friends inside a laundrette, sauna or hot-air balloon, but not a squash club, fishmonger’s or municipal bandstand.

Anyone in Somerset wishing to visit a petting zoo will need a permission slip signed by two witnesses, unless it’s a Thursday or their surname begins with N.

Families in Great Yarmouth will be permitted to meet their grandmothers for a game of Jenga, but not Buckaroo. Guidance on Boggle will be announced via Snapchat at midnight.

Residents of Melton Mowbray will be allowed outdoors to walk their dogs, but only in a counter-clockwise direction.

Bowling alleys will be permitted to reopen throughout Northamptonshire, but only on Wednesdays between the hours of 2.00 and 5.00a.m. All players are required by law to wear swimming goggles, a miner’s helmet and a pair of brand-new gardening gloves (latex, not cotton).

Having read that, the next bit will seem so simple. Having played for almost two weeks, we have reviewed the way we operate safely. We have already reintroduced the use of the scoreboards to be operated by the cardholder on alternate ends having sanitised before and after the game.

Following a meeting held yesterday, we have decided to try to make things easier, provided we respect each other and the Covid secure code.

From Monday both the pushers and lockers will be back in operation. As with the scoreboards, one person from each game will be responsible for sanitising the pushers after the game and operating them during the game. They must be collected from and returned to the sides of the rinks, not the ends, so allowing more space.

Since we have only six pushers, these are to be used only when we’re using the three rinks for the organised league games. For the Friday morning umbrella, unless only three rinks are in operation, we’ll have to resort to stubbing toes and aggravating bunions.

When using the lockers please be respectful of others and the social distance. This may, on occasions, require a certain amount of patience.

In order for this to work, we will need your cooperation, please. Otherwise, we will have to return to carrying our belongings backwards and forwards.

I hope these changes make life easier and more normal.

One final request;

The Wessex League, a men only league, was founded in 1983 as a premier bowls league offering top class competition to major indoor clubs on a regular basis. Currently, there are 53 clubs in the league spanning 12 counties and there are plans to expand further. MidGlos compete in the Cotswold Region alongside another five clubs. Not only is competing in the Wessex League the right thing for the club to do to bring players on but it is also a good revenue stream for the club as a whole.

What our Wessex captains need now (Steve Knight for the A team and Steve Pope for the B team) is a ‘show of hands’ of gentlemen members who would like to either continue their Wessex experience or step up for the first time and offer their services to be part of the overall club Wessex squad.

So come on guys, time to make a name for yourselves. To register your interest please e-mail the club … … and get your name down on the overall team player sheet. As usual, the A and B captains will make their selections and post forthcoming matches and teams on the notice board by the ramp down to the rinks from the lounge.

Remember, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Kind regards,


Linda Watkin-Jones.

Director (PR & Marketing)

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