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Saturday 27th April 7.30. Including Buffet at £4.00 each.

Whist night. 19th April . 7pm

Saturday 4th May 8pm~8.30pm

I’ve just purchased one of the laser measures. Absolutely brilliant. 

If you are a serious bowler, it has to be on your wish list. Not the cheapest item but dead accurate and easy to use.

For those that start quoting “is it authorised” yes it is. 

See below, it just needs umpires to start using to boost them.


"The World Bowls Laws Committee does not need to give permission for products such as this ( they would of course comment if it was in breach of the Laws).

New measuring devices appear on the market place quite regularly and few, if any, are submitted to our Laws Committee for approval is over to the manufacturer to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements.

If Member National Authorities want to give their 'seal of approval' to a product that is a matter for them but there is no process in place and nor does the Laws Committee suggest there should be for World Bowls to endorse commercial products.

In the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition laws 23 43 & 54 state the equipment to be used

23.4 All measurements must be made between the nearest points of the jack and the bowl.
43.2.2 The umpire must measure any disputed shot or shots using suitable measuring equipment, such as that described in law 54.
54.3 equipment for measuring between the jack and bowls when the distances between them are beyond the range of a flexible measure (for example, a string measure)
54.4 a flexible measure (for example, a box measure or a bullet measure)


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